Black Businesses Matter – Haul!

Hello and welcome back to the blog!  Today I will be sharing an accessory haul from She Is collection.  I found this collection, curated by Alesia (@alesiaamishel and @sheiscollection on Instagram), on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her products.  With chokers being a staple accessory in so many fashionistas everyday outfits, I couldn’t resist picking up a few just in time for back to school.



However, this haul is about a little more than just accessories.  It’s actually about a lot more than accessories.  In the current uproar of political and social justice dialogue, it’s easy to post a photo to Insta promoting BLM and call it a job well-done.  But as an American creator as well as consumer, I know that this issue is deeply rooted in every aspect of life; including economic.

While I believe that social and political activism can help counter many of the issues Black communities are facing today, I don’t think that the economic status of Black owned businesses get enough of the spotlight.  Before any buying occurred in my household I remember my parents saying one thing: your dollar is your vote, spend it wisely.  With this in mind, I have been focusing on spending my money on corporations, values and communities that I believe in.  Journal writer Ernest Owens remarked about when news outlets stop airing demonstrations and protests, because eventually that content won’t fit their agenda, we- the people who are serious about creating permanent solutions must go back to our communities to see how much work is to be done (his article here).

I highly recommend reading Owen’s article linked above, and finally let’s get into the haul!


I had been seeing these simple chokers in every styling video recently and decided it was time for me to get one of my own.  This one is comfortable and stretchy, making it the perfect go-to accessory! This weekend I styled this piece for a festival, photos on my Instagram (@alyssarbain).


If I could dream up my ultimate accessory, this choker would be it.  The shimmery threads of gold wound throughout and draped detail give this piece a “queenie” vibe.  And who doesn’t want to feel like a queen?


Pearl Choker: This is the choker I was lusting over for some time now, and I can hardly believe it’s finally mine.  It’s incredibly well made with heavy duty material and gorgeous faux pearls. I cannot wait to style this piece.

See you next Wednesday!

Instagram: @alyssarbain

Check out She Is collection website

She is collection Instagram: @sheiscollection


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