Go-to Beach Bag Essentials!

With warmer days and longer nights in my sights, I have begun picking and choosing specific items that will be must-keep items in my beach bag all summer long.  With the help of Influenster I was able to make a list, scan the items into their system and review each one!  From sunscreen to sundresses, I’ve got all you need.



  1. Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen: protects my skin without causing excess grease or making my acne flare-up- score IMG_0447
  2. A good book (or two): R&R time, like spending the day at the beach, is always my favorite time to catch up on a good read.  For all my bosses out there, Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso is a light and easy read, yet packs a powerful punch on what it takes to be a #GIRLBOSS.  If you want to transport yourself into a world of intriguing characters, mysterious conversations and unthinkable inventions The Circle by Dave Eggers is the choice for you. IMG_0478
  3. Gillette 3x Triple Protection Cool Wave deodorant: this deodorant blocks stink better than any other I have tried.  Period. IMG_0431
  4. L’Oreal Kids Tangle Tamer:  I have been using this product for years.  I remember my mom spritzing it into my mess of a ponytail after swim practices, and it truly worked like magic.  I am so glad that L’Oreal has continued this stellar productIMG_0421
  5. Fruits, trail mixes, and water: MAJOR KEYIMG_0486
  6. A good cap: the sunscreen is great, but a curved cap adds an extra layer of protection. The cap also protects your hair from sand and sun, as well as replace the need for sunglasses; say buh-bye to those pesky sunglass nose marks! IMG_0437
  7. Nivea A Kiss Of Strawberry: this chapstick is slightly tinted which provides the perfect amount of flirty color.  More importantly? This one has 10 SPF! IMG_0456

My last few must-haves: a cute beach blanket to create perfect insta-worthy pictures, a backless sundress to throw on as a cover-up and show off the back of a adorable bikini and anything to hold back your hair.  My favorite headband comes from Boho Bandeau.  The material is soft and stretchy enough to be used as a headband, hair tie or even sleeveless crop top! IMG_0453







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