My Calvins

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog!  Today I am sharing something slightly different than what I normally post on here.  This whole summer I have practically lived in my Calvin Klein denim shorts and for the longest time I have thought of different ways I could feature these shorts on my blog.  With the My Calvins hashtag going around, I was inspired to throw my own twist on it.  That’s where this video comes in.  The idea behind this video is to showcase my Calvin Klein’s as well as highlight my own style and personality.  I think personality and being personable can often times become lost on blogs such as these.  Making sure that readers are continuing to get a hint of who I am outside of the fashion is important to me and I think this video does a great job at showcasing it.  If you want to read a bit about where each look came from, make sure to check the description box of the video!  Enough with the rambling, here’s the video link:

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imageimageimageimageimageXx, Alyssa R. Bain


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