One Piece Comeback

Hello and welcome back to the blog! Today’s post will be showcasing another look from my La Push vacation.  The outfit itself is fairly minimal and relaxed because I wanted the focus to be on this one piece that I brought along!  Usually I am not one to wear  this style of suit, however during the shoot for these pictures I realized just how feminine and sexy a one piece can be as well.  A lot of one piece suits on trend now consist of side cutouts, patterns and other frills; which is exactly why the simplicity of this suit appealed to me.  Luckily, the flirty and fun element of the swimsuit is not lost because of the attention grabbing purple color!  As I mentioned, the suit was the focal point of attention for this look.  That is why I tossed on my black and white flannel for a subtle extra layer.  As for most of my trip, I finished this look with my vintage Calvin Klein shorts.  I decided that the trim was too finished for such relaxed attire, so I rolled them up a couple times to complete the look.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this look and enjoy the pictures below!



imageimageimageimageimageimageXx, Alyssa R. Bain


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