Down the Beach

Hello and welcome back to the blog! This post marks the start of my vacation post, which will all be up in the next couple weeks. My family and our family friends have a tradition of spending a week out at a cabin resort on La Push beach. La Push is the name of the Quillayute tribe’s reservation. I love this vacation that we take because we are right on the beach; there are numerous other beaches that one can take a gorgeous hike to; there is a lazy river that is perfect for kayaking; and for a bit of R&R there is the Hot Springs resort that somehow always calls my name when we come down. If you’re ever in the area, definitely check out this getaway spot.

We started on our porch, which faced the water, then worked our way down through the beach trail. For my outfit, I started with this lightweight, cropped sweater from Nordstrom to block a bit of the wind. I pulled on my favorite vintage Calvin Klein denim shorts (which I wore almost every other day on this vacation) and chucked on my Mariners baseball cap. This comfortable and neutral pairing was perfect for taking a walk down to the beach.


Xx, Alyssa R. Bain


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