Blue Denim Days

Washington weather has been beautiful these past few days following the first day of spring.  So, in celebration of that a friend and I visited Downtown Edmonds, a small downtown in my area, which is right on the waterfront.  We walked around and explored the little boutiques, all of which were unique and cozy.  One particular clothing boutique owner took the time to share with me her her experience of being a business owner, how she goes about buying for her store, and much more.  She was incredibly sweet, and talking to her motivated and inspired me to work even harder towards my aspirations.  To end our day of walking and exploring, we ate gelato and sat at a lookout point over viewing the ocean.



For my outfit, I committed to denim.  With spring up and coming, I figured it was time to incorporate lighter shades into my outfits.  As I usually stick to basic black ensembles and dark denim, I decided to transition into a lighter denim.  I started with my go-to blue denim jeans- they are perfectly stretched to fit me comfortably.  I then added my lighter colored denim button-up, and tossed on my mixed material denim jacket to pull the outfit together and keep me a bit warmer (as Washington hasn’t fully committed to warm weather).  I finished with my tan cross-body bag and tan booties, both of which were easy and casual accessories for walking around.






I hope you pulled some inspiration from this post, and are enjoying spring- wherever you are!  Check back on Thursday’s for more.


Xx, Alyssa R. Bain


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