Expirimenting with The Little Black Dress

I am constantly thinking of outfits in my head and unique ways of styling clothes. Toady, I had a burst of inspiration to experiment with my LBD.


This first look I wanted to play around with layering and I stuck to a monochromatic look so that I wouldn’t overwhelm the outfit. My first layer is a long-sleeved cardigan. I then threw on my leather vest with silver hardware. From there, the outfit was looking a bit plain on top, so I knotted my long knit scarf and left it in a large circle to lengthen my whole look. Pulling my hair up into a bun allowed the scarf and details on the vest to shine.

IMG_6860Lastly, I chucked on my black-heeled booties to elevate this look. I was surprisingly pleased with how this outfit turned out, and felt slightly bada** walking around capturing these photos.



For this look, I wanted to switch up the whole vibe of my dress. Instead of adding tights, I pulled on my favorite black slouchy/harem pants. I am all for this juxtaposition between the feminine, formfitting dress and the menswear inspired pants.

IMG_6863Since the base of this look was such a statement, I only added the necessities: a jacket and shoes. My leather jacket and booties pull this whole outfit together, for a simplistic, chic, and edgy look.


I hope you enjoyed this post and possibly drew some inspiration from these looks!

Check back on Thursday’s for more.

Xx, Alyssa R. Bain


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