Playing Around in The Schoolyard

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram (@alyssarbain) then you might have figured out that my family recently got a new addition: A dachshund/terrier rescue pup named Annie!  She is surprisingly muscular, with tons of energy.  Truthfully, I think my family forgot how much work new pets are, as we haven’t had a new animal in almost ten years.  Nonetheless, it’s been heaps of fun having Annie around.  Her favorite thing to do right now is take the short walk up to my neighborhood elementary school and play fetch.  Today my mom and I took her out and captured my outfit as well.

I have been obsessed with styling this leather skirt lately, and for this fetch sesh I wanted to dress it down.  My jersey denim jacket gives any outfit a sporty vibe without sacrificing any comfort.

IMG_6868 To stay comfy while chasing Annie around I wore a pair of worn in white sneakers.  I like to wear these while playing with her because I don’t really care what happens to them at this point!  As it was, the outfit was a little bland for my taste.  Instead of adding more bulk (a scarf, hat, ect.) I chose to create a slimmer look by pulling on some funky socks.  This pair I recently got as a gift, and on the inside they have a sweet message: “You’re beautiful, don’t change”.

I hope you enjoyed this post and pulled some inspiration from either this sporty outfit, or in deciding to adopt a puppy.  Have a fantastic weekend and check back on Thursday’s for more!

IMG_6870IMG_6871IMG_6869  Xx, Alyssa R. Bain


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